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2022 In Review
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Default 2022 In Review

What a crazy year! I had a lot of big events and firsts happen this year which previously has made years feel like they went by slow, but this year has just blazed on by.

I started the year having been in an apartment for less than a month. I sold my house of over 7 years last December. The housing market being what it was we made a hefty profit and were hoping to turn it around into a down payment on an upgrade, but the housing market being what it was made buying houses difficult as they were going so quickly. The first half of the year was spent house shopping and there was some frustration as offers we made were not selected and even on a couple of houses we had appointments to look at a house but then they cancelled when they got a fat offer from someone else. In July, we finally found a nice house close to the core of the city with a big backyard and a guest house for my mom to live in. The housing market being what it is the interest rate is higher than I'd like, but we'll refinance later and all will be well. We're happy with it!

My PawPaw died in January after a brief battle with cancer. I'm not a close relationship kind of guy so I didn't have the bond with him some of my cousins did and hadn't seen him in years, but I have fond memories of him from when I was a kid. This is is the start of seeing the people I knew growing up passing away. I had a few great grandparents pass away when I was kid, but that's been it until now.

We went to Vegas in March which was our first big trip since pre-pandemic. We'd done some road trips and hotel stays, but this was the first one with a flight and everything. Vegas isn't really my jam, more of my wife's, but we had fun. We saw Penn and Teller which was fantastic! Real close seats so we didn't miss a thing.

In May we went to California for Star Wars Celebration, but honestly visiting Disneyland for the first time was the real highlight. Galaxy's Edge is really cool and the Rise of the Resistance ride was worth the trip just by itself. Celebration was really cool though. I got to see Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen which was really cool. My daughter isn't really a Star Wars fan herself, but she asked to check out to the convention for one day so that was pretty fun taking her around and having some time with her.

We had some other road trips here and there. My wife and I had some cabin time for her birthday and we did our annual Dallas road trip as well which is always fun.

I had my gallbladder removed in June, right after our California trip (like, immediately after) and right before we moved into our new house (like, a week before). It was kind of an interesting experience. I had some bad stomach pain and general malaise following our trip. The anxiety of not knowing what it was but also not wanting to make a big deal out of, like, some gas or something was the worst part. When we did finally go to the ER and I was told I needed to have a whole organ removed honestly I felt relieved. I've had medical stuff before (though not an organ removal) so that didn't bother me; but I would have hated it if we left without answers.

I couldn't help as much as I'd've liked while moving though so that did suck.

In between all of that I had regular and one off acting and voice acting classes and workshops throughout the whole year. I had started doing some stuff last year, but this year I really jumped in all the way. Starting in March I regularly have had Improv Monday nights and then an online Meisner technique class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've had other, shorter term or one off classes in between that. This is the thing that really feels like some time has passed. When I think back to late last year after having taken just a couple of classes and where I am now it feels like a long time. My booth, too, has been upgraded through the moves and stuff from basically just a mic plugged into a computer to something that I think looks fairly professional. I'm hoping 2023 is the year I start really making some moves with bookings and such, but we'll see.

One other thing I've been trying to do to an extent throughout the year and even more as time goes by is get out in the world more. Participate more. I've been doing this with my classes and stuff to an extent, but I'm trying to take it further by being more present with my wife's friends and such. Due to a mixture of my natural disposition and also the way my life has just gone, I've generally not gotten to know people or have many friends outside of my wife and kids. I doubt I'll ever be the life of the party, but I'm trying to be a person more people can know than just hear of at best.
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Re: 2022 In Review
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Default Re: 2022 In Review

super late, but enjoyed reading this. it's cool that you're trying to put yourself out there more. it's pretty admirable imo
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Re: 2022 In Review
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Default Re: 2022 In Review

I'll echo Geo and say it's nice putting yourself out there. Never too late to form some connections.

Also it does sound like an eventful year. I think I could write out my year and wouldn't be nearly as eventful, but always down for the little moments.

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