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Default Re: SOPA

Originally Posted by Professor S View Post
Here is the problem: No one cares what you think, or how different it may be, even if you're right. They are looking for opportunities to push through laws to benefit themselves. You all seem to think that those that want to push PIPA and SOPA don't understand how the Internet works. That is ridiculous. They are very well aware of how it works, and that is EXACTLY their issue.

Again, making it complicated only gives your opposition opportunity to do what they want. This is how the world works. Get used to it and triangulate. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win a war.
Not sure why you quoted me.

I agree that the movie/music industry interests are pusing to pass laws that only benifit themselves. They should be paying to safeguard their material, but instead the tab is going to be left with us.

I also agree that the government knows exactly how the internet works and exactly what they're doing. I never once said they didn't.

And who's making it complicated? I'm supposed to accept an outragous law just because the opposition might paint it as supporting piracy? I could care less what they think, I only deal with facts here. And the fact is, the american people should not have to pay to protect an industry that is not taking steps to try and protect themselves.

Toss Robin Hood's (aka the people actually circulating pirated materials) ass in jail, he's the thief. Not the people who benefit from his charity. I can live with reasonable fines, but 5 years in prison is way too much.

What's next? We going to start tossing people in jail 5 years for driving 10MPH higher then the speed limit? They're actually putting people's lives in danger. Hell, the penalty for second hand piracy will be worse than a DUI in california. You can't tell me this isn't bullshit....
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