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Just more proof that this country is corrupt.
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Default Just more proof that this country is corrupt.

Had to post it somewhere.

They try to make it Democrat and Republican, even though both sides feed into this BS. It's just that Republicans use it more as a talking points. Since corperations run our Government, Democrats will never run on what Rachel says either.
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Re: Just more proof that this country is corrupt.
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Default Re: Just more proof that this country is corrupt.

Dont surprise me. Republicans want the rich to get richer, while sacrificing the poor and middle class. The thought that huge rich corporations need tax cuts is so idiotic. Why do they need more tax cuts? So the fat cat executives can earn 400 times what the average worker makes instead of 300 times? Why do people making over 250,000 a year need more tax cuts? So they can have 5 Mercedes instead of 4? The 400 richest people in this country make more than the lower 50% COMBINED. That means that 400 people make more than 100 million people on the other end of the income ladder. Republicans want this trend to continue.

Obama caving to the Republicans on not letting those Bush tax cuts expire was a mistake. Maybe not politically, but for the good of the Country as a whole, those cuts should have expired like he originally said they would.
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