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Metroid Prime Remaster
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Default Metroid Prime Remaster

This has been rumored for quite a while and seems like the rumors were true as Nintendo surprise released it yesterday digitally with a physical release coming up on 2/22.

I went ahead and bought the Remaster. I have a lot of fond memories of Prime; I got it and Fusion essentially for my 15th birthday. I am having a hard time grasping the fact its been over 20 years at this point since it came out. I've replayed it a couple of times since then, most recently in the Metroid Prime Trilogy collection on the Wii that added motion controls.

Seeing the trailer during the Direct yesterday I was a little disappointed in that it didn't seem like a major visual upgrade, but I played through the opening set piece on the space station and it became clear that this is in fact a very nice visual upgrade. Metroid Prime was always a very nice looking game and aged pretty well relatively. It effectively uses a lot of environmental effects and the realistic first person perspective to really sell the world of the game and in some ways is impressive still today. So when you get a glance at the remaster and see that it "looks good" you might think "well, it always looked good". But a closer inspection really reveals the added detail. I'm not a tech snob kind of guy so there's probably some giveaways that this is an older game, but speaking for myself I'd probably believe you if you told me it was brand new (and I didn't already know better, of course).

The thing that really sold me on this release, though, is the expansive options on how you can play the game. You can play it OG style like on the GameCube where you primarily lock on to enemies and have to stop and press a button to aim freely. You can play it like the Wii with full motion controls using the Joycons. They added dual stick controls. You can add gyro motion controls to many (all?) of these options to various degrees to fit your playstyle.

I've only done dual stick on this release and it feels great. And I know that the GCN and Wii controls also felt just fine (although the GCN controls might feel a little clunky with a modern viewpoint).

There's also a nice gallery for concept art, character models, and music that unlocks as you play. There is also an option to add in some narration that apparently was present in the EU and Japanese versions of the game, but not NA. So that's interesting.

All in all, if you're a fan of Metroid Prime at all this is absolutely worth the purchase and if you've never played Metroid Prime this is a great opportunity to check it out.
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