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Nerds on the Rocks/Dual Wielding FeedBack
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Default Nerds on the Rocks/Dual Wielding FeedBack

I know we attempted a podcast like 2 years ago, and it was a fun time, but it never really took off.

So here I am proposing a second attempt at the GT podcast.

This time with a somewhat different format, and concept.

The podcast would be more of a roundtable discussion this time around. It would feature a singular host (and right now, and he has agreed I'm leaning towards KeatonMr) who would have a panel of "Experts" each week depending on the topic.

On that subject, the topic would also change from week to week. Since GT isn't primarily a gaming forum anymore, I think it would be best for the podcast to reflect that. So one week could be games, another movies, and then comics or we could have one focused on any events going on at the forums.

So this is a general interest thread. To see who would want to partake, if they have any suggestions for topics, who has experience with producing a podcast.

Just to keep better track of scheduling

June 27th- Toy Story 3
July4th- The Last Airbender?
July 11th- FMA: Brotherhood
July 18th- TBD
July 25th- TBD
Aug 1st- TBD
August 8th- StarCraft 2 (?)
August 15th/22nd- Scott Pilgrim vs The World (don't know how many people will see opening weekend)
August 29th- Summer Movie Review/Wrap-Up
Sept 3rd- Fall Movie Preview
Sept 10th- Metroid: Other M
Sept- Resident Evil: Afterlife
Sept- Halo Reach

Feel free to drop any ideas for those slots.

Episode on movie bad-asses.

An episode focused on toys. The type of toys you grew up playing with. If you still buy em and the likes.
An episode on computers, like what was your first PC and all that fun stuff.
Cartoons (Well several episodes, wanna do one focused on comic book cartoons, video game cartoons, and general cartoons)
Gadgets and gizmos, devices that have caught your eye or that you own or want.

Dyne on Canada's favorite pasttime,
I loved ramming into animals as they ran away
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