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COVID Year 2
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Default COVID Year 2

I was wondering how folks are dealing as we near the 2nd calendar year living with this.

I thought I was doing mostly fine, but today just kind of broke me as I hear of cases rising in NYC again, a friend got it, and some others.

I'm like doing everything I need to do and... I don't know what else to do.

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Re: COVID Year 2
Old 01-05-2022, 04:46 PM   #2
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Default Re: COVID Year 2

Its stressful. Its like everytime we think we have some good news it does a heel turn. My wife and I got vaccinated and we thought that would effectively be the end of it, but then Delta! My kids got vaccinated and my wife and I got boosters and we're ready to go out into the world again, but Omicron!

In my state as far as infections go its actually worse than its ever been. The only silver lining is that Omicron is maybe (or maybe not? hard to keep track) more mild in general and those who are vaccinated at least are generally just getting cold symptoms. I've got fingers crossed that we really are on the tail end of this thing, but who knows.
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Re: COVID Year 2
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Default Re: COVID Year 2

Hope you guys are well. My entire family got covid over Christmas. My wife and I were spared, somehow. They're all vaccinated and mostly had mild cold/flu symptoms. My antivax cousin caught it in early January and developed pneumonia. She's OK now after a round of antibiotics and steroids but still pretty weak, lol.

Mentally, I'm very much over this whole thing as I'm sure everyone else is. But this really has been such a mask off moment for people. It really feels like the pandemic broke a lot of peoples' brains.
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