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This or That: Toy Story
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Default This or That: Toy Story

This shall be a simple one as there are only two movies in the franchise so far.

Toy Story

The original, the movie that started Pixar's legendary streak.

Toy Story 2

The sequel to the legendary first movie.

Now both movies are really awesome experiences. And to me personally, the difference in quality is such a tiny order of magnitude. I mean it really comes down to what the movie is saying to you.

With that said,
Favorite movie
Favorite character
Line of dialogue?
How awesome is Pixar?

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Re: This or That: Toy Story
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Default Re: This or That: Toy Story

Toy Story. Definitely the one I remember the best.

Strangely enough, Stinky Pete is my favorite even though he's not in my favorite movie.

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Pretty awesome

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Re: This or That: Toy Story
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Default Re: This or That: Toy Story

The first one was by far the superior choice.
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