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What Streaming Services Do You Have?
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Default What Streaming Services Do You Have?

I feel like pretty straight forward thread title, but with all of the streaming services out there and launching, which do you have access to?

Which do you use the most?

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Re: What Streaming Services Do You Have?
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Default Re: What Streaming Services Do You Have?

Man, too many.

Amazon Prime
Criterion Channel
Paramount+ (but only for this month; got a free month)

Disney+ and Netflix probably get the most use. HBO Max is probably third. Hulu got some use when there were new shows we were watching (The Good Place and Brooklyn 99) but with TGP over and B99 still in between seasons it hasn't seen a lot of love.

Its pretty crazy how far this stuff has come. I remember probably 2006 or 2007 or whenever it was Netflix introduced streaming showing it to my now wife and thinking it was great. Selection wasn't great and we primarily stuck to DVDs for a while, but it was cool and novel. I've never had a cable subscription since moving out, but streaming has all of the bases covered now.
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Re: What Streaming Services Do You Have?
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Default Re: What Streaming Services Do You Have?

Got rid of Netflix before they released Cuties

Didn't renew Amazon prime. Stopped shopping through Amazon. WaPo and bezos cia contracts were just a couple of the reasons. Shutting down cloud server service to Twitter alternatives is definitively fascist. They've also screwed over authors with their audible/kindle payment restructuring. The algorithm for promoting titles is a joke. Gatekeeping monopoly, not something I will continue to support.

The devil mouse disney+ is part of the year zero, cancel culture that has been growing. Why support meg corp that are only good at inverting their properties and creating poor, hackish stories. Fauvre is the only reason their SW ip hasn't been 100% trash.

I only subscribe to unauthorized.tv

YouTube and dlive for free content. Roku is rarely used.

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