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Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Default Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Eternally sad its not called Spider-Men.

I beat it last night. I enjoyed it a lot! Big fan of Spider-Man since I was a kid and I really enjoyed the 2018 Spider-Man as well as Miles Morales. I think the story in Spider-Man 2 is better executed than the first one. I had some concerns about the way some scenes and aspects of the story in the first game were handled, but overall I thought the story flowed much more smoothly and consistently here.

Gameplay wise it really expands on the first game, even beyond just having two Spider-Man to play as this time. Traversal feels very different with the web wings and also the speed of just swinging around has been increased dramatically. You can zip around very, very fast. The downside is that I don't feel like I got to know and appreciate the map as well in the first game (and Miles).

Combat, too, is greatly expanded. Gadgets are handled much better here; each one has a quick access button. You don't have to open a menu to switch, so I ended up using them a lot more. I felt they also were much more necessary. Each character also has a set of unique powers that are a great help in combat as well. Its a ton of fun, but the downside is I kind of didn't really feel like Spider-Man. I know that was a meme thing about the first game, but it was true. Some of the powers and gadgets in 2 just don't feel like Spider-Man stuff, so it takes me out a bit.

I did run into some awkward bugs and glitches. I think the first game had some issues as well, so not unexpected, but pretty annoying.

But overall I thought the game was great and look forward to 3.
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Re: Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Default Re: Marvel's Spider-Man 2

I loved the first game. It has been my favorite Spider-Man “movie”. I will not be playing the second one as I no longer own a PS5 but I am watching a full on play through of it.

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