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Re: Bin Laden Dead
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Default Re: Bin Laden Dead

Originally Posted by manasecret View Post
Yeah I did find that the New Yorkers I've met in particular are some of the most automatically prejudice against Texans people I've met. Not all of course, but it did amaze me how many supposedly open-minded, non-judgmental people immediately assume you're a redneck racist asshole if you're from Texas. Broaden your horizons a bit before you immediately judge. I have found there are just about as many prejudice, racist assholes (including such people) everywhere you go.

I abandoned this type of thinking several years ago, and I suggest you also broaden your horizons. There is a lot to love about every place on Earth.
Yeah, you're right. I guess from my experiences so far, that's been the case, but I know every place has it's charm.

Being in one city for only one night at times can give you weird perspective. I detested L.A after our first visit because I had a horrible experience there, but then we spent a month there and had a much better time. I definitely used to pass judgement on all cities based on one night (and honestly, more or less the one block near the venue, or how well the show went!)...

But yeah, I understand that's pretty foolish now. Didn't mean to dismiss the rest of Texas, I've just spent the equivalent of at least a month over the length of my life in Austin, so I know it the best. All I know from West Texas is weird rest stops, though.

Oh, and I refuse to believe that Ohio doesn't suck.
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