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Re: GT Podcast Round 2
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Default Re: GT Podcast Round 2

Originally Posted by BreakABone View Post
Yeah that's how it sounded to me as well.

Anyhow, I guess for the first round, we can try...

Well guess we need a topic for the first podcast. Any takers?


It doesn't have to follow this format, but it could be a three part podcast

Part 1: On the Rocks
Basically the Whatcha been Playing/Reading/Watching Segment of the show
It could be topical or just what's going on with the guest of the week.

Part 2: Survey Says
Would be the Segment of the Week. So a roundtable discussion on a singular subject. A game, a comic series, a movie, TV show

PArt 3: What's On Tap
A look ahead at next week. What movies are coming out u wanna see, if there's any big events like a Con or e3, games/dvds/blu-rays /comics coming out. Etc

I mean it doesn't need to follow this format, just an idea
I like it! It keeps a structure to the podcast while keeping it open for any new ideas or topics, and since there's always something new when you're coverings many types of media like games, books, comics, and movies.

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