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Great Article on Politics
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Professor S
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Default Great Article on Politics

There could be no greater irony: For all the sublimity of art, physics, music, mathematics and other manifestations of human genius, everything depends on the mundane, frustrating, often debased vocation known as politics (and its most exacting subspecialty — statecraft). Because if we don’t get politics right, everything else risks extinction.

We grow justly weary of our politics. But we must remember this: Politics — in all its grubby, grasping, corrupt, contemptible manifestations — is sovereign in human affairs. Everything ultimately rests upon it.
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Re: Great Article on Politics
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Default Re: Great Article on Politics

Krauthammer is such an intellect ... a few of his columns this year have been the most concise and cutting analysis of Obama I've seen.

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Re: Great Article on Politics
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Abra Kadabra
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Default Re: Great Article on Politics

This is actually something I was pondering a few days ago.

The technology required to communicate, let alone travel, to another Earth-like planet is so far beyond the technology required to build a nuclear bomb that any intelligent species will always discover the latter fast enough to destroy themselves before discovering the former.
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