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Welcome new members! Please read -
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Default Welcome new members! Please read -

Welcome to GameTavern!

Thanks for visiting our forums! Please familiarize yourself with the information below. It will tell you everything you need to know about the GameTavern forums.

Change your style!

At the bottom left of your screen is a drop-down menu which you can use to select your preferred forum style. If you don't like the dark look there are others to choose from. Be advised however that not all of the forum enhancements are active with the other styles.

Forum Rules

The GameTavern message forums are privately owned. This means we have our own rules which must be followed by all forum users. Please note that "Freedom of Speech" does not apply to privately owned message boards.

The following offenses can result in your immediate suspension from the board:

- Posting anything of a pornographic nature
- Antagonizing other forum users or attempting to start a flame war. This includes fans of rival consoles making posts that bash a console or person instead of adding something constructive to the argument.
- Attacking, bashing, or otherwise maliciously insulting moderators or administrators.
- Posting anything of a racially offensive nature.
- Post-cramming or "spamming" in order to increase your post count.
- Registering multiple usernames. As well, you will be considered for permanent banning if you attempt to register another user while being banned.
- Advertising for a site in a place other than your signature.

Forum Staff


Typhoid (Video Gaming, Happy Hour, Movies & Television, Comics & Books)
BreakABone (Movies & Television)

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Default User Titles

Baron - 0 posts
Viscount - 50 posts
Earl - 100 posts
Marquis - 150 posts
Duke - 200 posts
Knight - 250 posts

Signature Restrictions

The maximum pixels allowed in a signature is 550 pixels x 200 pixels (That is... 550 wide, 200 high). That is the maximum size. Pictures can be smaller than either of those boundaries, but not larger. Text is allowed to wrap around, but you are not to break the 200 pixel limit.

And just to clarify that, you can only have one main image in your signature (Which can be no larger than 550 x 200). You can also use text and smilies, but only one actual image.

Here's the size area:

As well, there will be no extra size allowances. 550 wide by 200 high is the maximum size area. Signatures even one pixel larger than either of those limits are to be altered.

If you receive a PM from any of the staff asking you to change your signature, you are expected to do so as soon as possible. People that need help in changing the size and whatnot can ask in the Happy Hour forum.

One last thing....

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