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Originally Posted by BreakABone View Post
Oh man, this time we REALLY got em... not like the other dozen times we found the clear cut evidence!
I didn't read up on Q anon until the election. I'm reserved in my opinion.

However, election fraud is separate to Q anon. Fraud is mountainous, the fact that none of the state level courts or SCOTUS decided to actually review the evidence doesn't mean the election wasn't fraudulent. (Or that the evidence of fraud is not substantial)
No one believes Biden got a record amount of votes. You got to be full TDS to believe it. The rough numbers put trump around 80 million legit votes and Biden closer to 60.
We can get into this..

I could go on forever about it... but we all here are generally midwit or more intelligent so the multiple vote spike dumps after they supposedly stopped counting at 4AM and the many statistical anomalies are a clear start for speculative skepticism.

The rest of the world is laughing. Georgia lawmakes moves to bring election entigrity a bit closer to the lowest European standard and the media drowns it with cries of racism. It really is a joke.

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